Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Burlap and felt roses

Where is the lid to this jar that I need to return to it's owner???  Still not found so I returned it in this form instead.  Being such an interesting shaped jar and all.

The roses are red felt from the craft store which I rolled through the Big Shot using the Spiral Flower die.  For the smaller roses I cut the spiral flower in half and then assembled two smaller flowers instead.  It was such fun and effective.  Wrapped the Burlap around the top of the jar and also Gold Twine to finish it off.

Spiral Flower Die again

This was a gift for a friend on her birthday.  Just so that she got everlasting roses on her desk at work.  Here I added a little bling..  Enjoy!!

Easter Basket Large

This Easter Basket is larger than the previous one and uses one piece of 12" x 12" cardstock with the help of the Envelope Punch Board and the Spiral Flower Die.  Love the Stampin' Up! Burlap and the Washi tape to create leaves.

Spiral Flower Die

I have had a ball using the Stampin' Up! © Spiral Flower die in my Big Shot.  It has had a good time cutting out a few different materials, to name a few, felt, organza, paper, cardstock and a metal shim.

With Easter coming and flowers adding to the feel of the season I have used the Envelope Punch Board along with the Flower Spiral Die to create a Easter Basket.

To give the effect of a picnic basket I have added 2 handles.  The handles are attached by a brad so that you can swing them and get into the eggs inside the basket!!  Yum!